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2020 NMASC/District Virtual Fall Conference Day
To Infinity and Beyond!
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

2020 NMASC/District Fall Conference


That’s right!  Student Council leaders and advisors from middle and high school NMASC member schools - will have the opportunity to celebrate leadership at the 2020 Virtual Fall District Conference Day!  A One Day Event for all NMASC Districts - To Infinity and Beyond!  Is your chance for exciting leadership training... networking with student leaders and advisors... exchanging ideas, projects and practices... having fun... up-close and personal leadership inspiration, learning about her Stop Making Excuses and Take Your Life Back message with national keynote speaker and workshop presenter Kate Garnes!

The cost is $10/student and adult—and includes leadership training, and workshop materials.
Each school should arrive prepared with a school roll call - 30 seconds; appropriate attire school shirt/Stu Co shirt (unless your district advisor states differently); prepared to participate in the state service project – Project Be Well; school spirit; ready to learn new leadership skills; prepared to have a great time – virtually -  in Stu Co camaraderie and leadership for students and advisors!

There is no limit to the number of delegates you may register from your school.
The online reservation deadline is midnight on September 21 and the USPS postmark deadline for payment is October 5.

Make 2020-2021 your year of leadership voyages!


Kate Garnes

About 2020 Fall Conferences Keynote Speaker
Kate Garnes

Kate always felt the need to try to chase that pesky little thing called perfection, which of course was a losing fight. In working with youth for over ten years, Kate can see the same chase for perfection in teens that she saw in herself. She uses her story of being told by trusted adults and friends that she was never good enough, to being a performer at Walt Disney World to a personal trainer for former professional athletes and top corporate executives to help teens see their own value apart from the chase for perfection.

Kate spends her life trying to speak to as many teens as possible in the hopes that they will stop listening to the lies they have believed for so long, and start accepting the gladiator of greatness that is inside them.

Visit Kate Garnes' website »


More district-specific information will be sent to each member school by the district advisor/s.


Advisors, we ask that you please plan ahead and meet the deadlines, both online (September 21) and postmark (October 5). NMASC needs time to provide a variety of adequate virtual platforms to support the large group sessions as well as breakout rooms for District Meetings.

It is important that you please meet the stated deadlines Thanks!

Your school's NMASC and District dues must be paid prior to your attendance at the NMASC/District Conference. If you have not yet paid your NMASC and District dues, please complete and submit the online NMASC Membership Form.  Follow the directions on the form.

Dress for the conference is school-appropriate clothing. Students are encouraged to wear student council or school t-shirts. Students attending NMASC events are to comply with their school's dress code.

Each school will pre-record and submit a roll call (not longer than 30 seconds).  Specific instructions will be provided to school advisors.
A school may register as many students as it wishes, as long as at least one advisor from the school attends the conference and remains in attendance virtually with the students.

Every student and adult must pay. Fees must be in the exact amount required. At no time will purchase orders, cash payments, credit card payments, or payments made by individuals be accepted. Fees include cost of the conference.

Please be diligent to only register the number of students that you are bringing. No refunds will be given, however you can make student substitutions at no charge. We do not need to know your students' names ahead of time; please email a list of their names to on Wednesday, October 21 by 12 noon.
Any school permission or school-related absence forms are to be handled in accordance with individual school policy.

Tentative Virtual Fall Conference Agenda

8:00 - 9:45am (Everyone)
Welcome, school roll calls, NMASC business with our 2020-2021 state officers, and keynote by national motivational speaker Kate Garnes

Short break

9:55-10:55am (Students)
Student Large Group Workshop with Kate

9:55-10:55am (Advisors)
Advisor meeting with NMASC

11:00-11:30am (Everyone, by district)
District Meetings

Closing session

NMASC/District Conference Registration Process:
  1. NMASC/District Conference Registration Process:

    1. If your school's NMASC and District dues are not yet paid, complete and submit the online NMASC Membership Form by following the directions on the form. Dues must be received before the conference.
    2. Complete the District Conference online reservation form. Once you've done that, you will receive a confirmation email. Keep a copy for your records; it is also your INVOICE.
    3. NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation email shortly after your online reservation has been submitted, please check your spam folder.
    4. Print a copy of the confirmation email and send it, along with payment (ONE school check or money order transacted by the advisor, made payable to NMASC—sorry, we are not able to accept purchase orders or credit cards) to:

      P.O. Box 95468
      Albuquerque, NM 87199

      Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment and a copy of your online reservation confirmation.
    5. Email a list of student delegates and advisors attending the conference to by 12 noon on Wednesday, October 21.  Please indicate your school's voting delegate.


    Registration is $10 per student and adult attending. The USPS postmark deadline for payment is October 5, 2020.

    If you have any questions, contact NMASC Executive Director Mary Hahn by emailing

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NMASC 71st State Conference
Voyage to Leadership: Strive to Serve

February 11-13, 2021
Hosted by Mayfield High School


State 2021

Hosted by Mayfield High School
1955 Valley Drive
Las Cruces, NM 88007
Map and Driving Directions »

Interested in hosting a future state conference?
Download the Process to Bid as NMASC State
Conference School

Jump to 2020-21 NMASC Contests & Awards »

The Mayfield HS Student Government (STUGO) welcomes NMASC leaders from across New Mexico, challenging each of us to strive to serve in leadership in February, 2021 as we share ideas, improve our leadership skills, and network with others at the 71st NMASC State Conference – Voyage To Leadership – Strive to Serve.

Do you think you have what it takes to lead NMASC? Apply to be a state officer or adult board member! Your application must be received by NMASC by December 7, 2020. 


A Little History


Mayfield High School – the home of the Trojans – is the second of four traditional high schools in Las Cruces, opening its doors in 1965, and today serves over 2,000 students.

Named after former LCPS Superintendent Thomas J. Mayfield,  they chose green and gold – colors of the Green Bay Packers - who were the National Football Champions, and the Trojans as their mascot because the University of Southern California won the NCAA Football Championship, both events in 1965.

The Mayfield-Las Cruces football rivalry was ranked the 2nd biggest high school rivalry by USA Today in the last decade, and the movie “Cruces Divided” was filmed based on this rivalry.  Aside from their sports fame, MHS prides itself as a high performing school with high academic standards that ensure college and career readiness upon graduation; high expectations for all students through a well-rounded educational program including extracurricular activities; and involvement in community engagement.

Notable MHS alumni include Darius Holland former NFL player; Edgar Castillo professional soccer player; and Doug Eddings Major League Baseball umpire to name a few of their standouts!

The Las Cruces area is home to the aerospace industry including former resident Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto in 1930.  From White Sands Missile Range – the birthplace of America’s missile space program – the first image of Earth from space was taken in 1946 by a rocket launched from White Sands.  The White Sands Test Facility at the base of the Organ Mountain’s primary mission was the support for NASA’s Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs; and NASA astronauts in the Apollo program were trained at Kilborne and Hunt’s Hole volcanic craters.  And . . . in the 21st Century . . . Spaceport America – the world’s first commercial spaceport - is home to some of the most well-respected companies in the commercial space industry including SpaceX and Virgin Galactic

We are delighted to chart our Voyage to Leadership among the stars at Mayfield HS!!

More information coming soon pending state health orders per COVID-19.

NMASC 2021 Summer Workshop
Super Leaders... Assemble!


June 8-11, 2021
New Mexico Tech in Socorro


The first known use of the term "super hero" was in 1889. It referred to fictional individuals with superhuman powers who fight crime and save people. Those type of superhuman individuals may not exist in real life, but we all know... heroes are real and they walk among us everyday.

A Super Leader is anyone who is hardworking, passionate, responsible, organized, knowledgeable, a problem solver, and an innovative thinker. In June 2021, come to New Mexico Tech in Socorro to share, intensify and expand your superpowers of leadership at the 2021 NMASC Summer Leadership Workshop... Super Leaders... Assemble!

Download the 2021 Summer Workshop Packing List »

NMASC Health Information Form - Please complete this form for every student and adult attending Summer Workshop from your school, and bring the forms with you to Workshop registration on June 8.

The NMASC Summer Leadership Workshop is an outstanding annual leadership training and development workshop for middle level and high school students and advisors! Make friends while working, learning and experiencing leadership activities in an energized, safe environment—all in four days! There is no limit to the number of students who may attend from a school; you are encouraged to bring as many as you wish for this early summer training experience. 

Dorms will be assigned by the school's completed registration received, SO REGISTER EARLY! Delegates will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students going into 9th grade will be considered high school students, even though they may have been registered by their mid-level school. Middle Level students attending Summer Workshop must have completed 6th grade and must be a member in good standing in their school's Student Council. At least one advisor per 15 students must register with and remain on campus for the workshop.

When YOU leave the workshop, you will be:

  • Energized!
  • Prepared with leadership skills!
  • Ready to begin a new school year with enthusiasm!

The 2021 NMASC Summer Workshop will be held June 8-11 at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM. The approximate cost is $325/student - includes registration, workshop materials, workshop t-shirts, meals, and lodging. With a pre-registration minimum of 7 students per school, one advisor per school may register for $150; otherwise the cost is $325/advisor.

Online pre-registration opens February 12, 2021!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Summer Workshop JC (Junior Counselor)? The application will be open from February 14 to until March 10, 2021.


  • February 12: Summer Workshop online registration open
  • March 10: Deadline for JC application
  • April 17: Summer Workshop online pre-registration deadline – closes at midnight
  • May 1: USPS postmark deadline for Summer Workshop pre-registration required mail-in forms/payment
  • May 25: Deadline for substitutions
  • June 8-11: NMASC Summer Leadership Workshop at NM Tech - Socorro

How to Register

REGISTER EARLY! Delegates will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and dorms will be assigned based on our receipt of your school's completed registration and payment.

Because of the early June date of Summer Workshop, the online reservation form must be completed by April 17 with payment and all required forms POSTMARKED no later than May 1, 2021. These deadlines are very important.

Advisors must register their students as part of their school delegation; students may not register themselves individually. If you are a student and wish to attend the NMASC Summer Workshop, please talk to your advisor.

Workshop Fee: $325/person (includes lodging in college dormitories, meals starting with lunch Tuesday thru lunch on Friday, banquet, supplies, materials, workshop t-shirts, and campus facilities. Transportation is the responsibility of the school.)

When a school registers 7 or more students from their school, the workshop registration fee for one same-school advisor is just $150. Additional adults are $325/ea.

There are no refunds, however we allow same-gender substitutions at no charge by May 25.

Reserve Space Now

Online Reservation Deadline: APRIL 17
This is where you enter your student delegates' names. Please double-check the spelling of all names; the information you provide builds our database. Once you submit this online reservation form, you will receive a confirmation email (be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see the email - this confirmation email is also your invoice). This online form will help you calculate your registration fees. Be sure to do this by April 17! Registration opens February 12.


Download the Student Forms

After you've reserved space, download and print a Student/School Information Form, Student Participant Commitment Form, and Health Information Form for each student participant. These forms must be printed because they require signatures.


Step 3

Postmark Deadline: May 1
After you've collected the completed Student Information Forms and Student Participant Commitment Forms from each student delegate, mail the following in ONE envelope to NMASC:

  1. Printout of your confirmation email (school reservation - see step 1 above)
  2. Completed Student Information Forms (see step 2 above)
  3. Completed Student Participant Commitment Forms (see step 2 above)
  4. ONE school check (made payable to NMASC) for workshop registration fees

Registration will not be complete until all forms and payment are received - your forms and payment must be postmarked by May 1. Mail to:

NMASC Summer Workshop
P.O. Box 95468
Albuquerque, NM 87199

No refunds are allowed; same gender substitutions only by May 25. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in June!



Substitution Deadline: May 25
If, after you've submitted your registration materials and you need to make any name substitutions, you may do so at no charge; however, substitutes must be of the same gender (female for female or male for male). NMASC will make every effort to provide a t-shirt in the correct size for the substitute, but we cannot guarantee it as the t-shirt order is placed well in advance of the event. Your school will receive t-shirts in the sizes submitted with your original online reservation form. Be sure to make any substitutions by May 25!

Questions? Contact NMASC Executive Director Mary Hahn by emailing or calling 505-259-0484.


Important Deadlines

  • April 20: Online reservation form due (see Step 1 above)
  • May 1: Postmark deadline for Student Information Forms, Participant Commitment Forms, and payment (see Step 2 above)
  • May 25: Deadline for substitutions


Please Note

The NMASC Summer Workshop program is designed to provide optimal opportunities for participants to achieve preparation for their leadership roles when they return to their schools. For this reason:

  • students are to remain on campus for the entire workshop and to attend all workshop activities.
  • there is a no-visitor policy. Parents/guardians and school officials are welcome to report to the workshop headquarters to meet with a student.
  • private automobiles (with the exception of advisors' vehicles) are not allowed.
Download the 2020 Summer Workshop Packing List »
2021 National Student Council Conference
Student Leaders Making History:
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Leadership

June 23-25, 2021
Hosted by Woodbridge High School (Virginia)



For students and advisors, the National Student Council Conference offers opportunities to meet and network with other leaders from across the United States and around the world, obtain new ideas from informative speakers and workshops, and ascertain innovative ideas about service learning. Participants will come away with renewed enthusiasm for student council involvement at their schools and new projects and ideas to implement— all while developing stronger leadership skills and friendships.

Learn more about the national conference »

2021 Region 6 VIsion Conference
Grow Your Leadership
June 25-27, 2021
Hosted by Mill Valley High School (Kansas)


The NASSCED (National Association of State Student Council Executive Directors) Region 6 is comprised of the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The Region 6 mission is to build a community by connecting individuals through leadership experiences. The 2016-2017 State Presidents, State Student Representative and State Execs collaborated on a means to accomplish our mission.

Known as the VIsionConference – Value Inspire * Share * Insight * Opportunity * Network - The 2021 VIsion Conference is being held June 25-27, hosted by and at Mill Valley High School in Shawnee, Kansas (Kansas City, KS area) .National student networking is a huge piece of this conference! Other components will include idea share: peer-to-peer learning through student-led roundtables, workshops, national motivational speakers, and more. The VIsion Conference is for Mid-Level/Jr. HS and high school students and their advisors.

More information wll be posted here when it becomes available.

2020 National Conference on Student Activities (NCSA) - for Advisors

National Conference on Student ActivitiesPresented by the National Association of Workshop Directors (NAWD)
and hosted by the Iowa Association of Student Councils.

The National Conference on Student Activities (NCSA) is designed to provideprogram strands that encourage participation of a wide variety of activity advisors, school administrators, leadership educators, motivational speakers, and consultants. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 conference will be held virtually.

Click here for more information »









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