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In the fall many student councils plan welcome back for students (and staff) as well as put on a full week of activities for Homecoming (high schools). These two events are some of the biggest of the year. They set the tone for the rest of the school year and set the bar for your student council. Some back to school activities could have been a simple pep assembly; others may have had a full day of festive activities. What activities did your student council coordinate that made your schools homecoming / back to school activities unique? What could Stu Co’s provide for a full day of activities for the first day/week back to school?

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  1. Highland HS does an Activities Fair the first week of school, which gives all students the opportunity to meet student organization and the people behind them. We also have a school-sponsored tailgate prior to our homecoming football game. All student organizations are able to participate by selling food, creating carnival games, etc.. We also invite outside entities to advertise their organizations. In return, we receive donated food, activities, and prizes to give out.

  2. Are there any resources available to start a student council at my middle school?

    Thanks in advance for any information or resources

  3. At RIo Rancho High, we have class meetings on the first day of school, along with a Moving Up Ceremony. Grades 10-12 come to the gym and sit in the same section they did last year. That leaves the Senior section open. The new Senior class then “moves up” into the Senior section by walking across the gym floor from their old section. Then the juniors and sophomores do the same, until the Freshmen Section is vacant. While the other classes move up, the freshmen are in our cafeteria getting a pep talk from our staff. Then the entire school welcomes the Freshmen into the gym. After all the students are in place, we have a little pep rally and welcome our new staff members.

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