Welcome to the NMASC Advisor Idea Exchange!

NMASC Advisor Idea Exchange blog! This blog will provide monthly conversations along with additional topics proposed by NMASC member school advisors. It is similar to the National Student Project Database that NASC offers, but with additional topics that are Student Council-based. This is the 3rd year for this blog for advisors to discuss and share ideas.
Advisors please share ideas that have worked for your school and council.  Feel free to discuss and share ideas in the blogs’ comment section! We hope that this blog will be helpful to you and your councils.

Kameron Urban, 2018 1 st VP
Justin Landis, Executive Advisor to the 1st VP

One thought on “Welcome to the NMASC Advisor Idea Exchange!

  1. Thank you Justin and Ashleigh for continuing this service for NMASC advisors. Thank you to David for setting up this tool for NMASC.

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