Community Service

Tis the season of giving! With Thanksgiving in the past and Christmas sneaking up around the corner it is time to start to think of what your Student Council can do to give back to the community.

Student leadership shouldn’t be just within the walls of your school, but also extended out to our communities. Host events such as toy drives, food drives, make food baskets, and other events that benefit the less fortunate in your communities. Every student council has done a school beautification project so why not do the same in your community? Clean up and improve a community center, or another area that benefits the community. Another idea that your council can execute is to host a benefit dinner. Host a spaghetti diner and give the profits to a homeless shelter or a charity of your choice. There are many more ideas and ways to give back.  

Share some of the ideas your council has come up with.

– Mario Martinez, NMASC 2016 1st Vice President

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