Welcome Back From Winter Break!

Welcome back! It’s the end of a very needed winter break and the beginning of the last semester of the school year, and the last for our graduating seniors!

Here are a few things to get your students ready and motivated:

•new year, clean slate
•create new class or personal goals
•make a personal or class vision board for the second semester

Winter Assembly Ideas:
Shark attack: The goal is to have 1 player sitting on a scooter collecting balls with a laundry basket. They can only move by pulling yourself with your arms or being pulled by your partner.

Magic Carpet: 1 person sits on a rug while the second person pulls them around an obstacle.

Blog Response Question:
If you can give one piece of advice for preparation for State Conference, what would it be?

Important dates:
January 20th- Deadline to submit student delegates’ names

February 1st-  NMAA eligibility list sent by you directly to NMAA

One thought on “Welcome Back From Winter Break!

  1. Read everything at nmasc.org * Events Tab * State Conference dropdown! Meet deadlines (no harm in submitting before the stated date due!) Advisors – discuss the expectations for behavior and conference success with your delegation. Remind everyone to pack their brightest smile and positive attitude! They’ll be in the spotlight!

    Have questions? Please ask either on the Blog or HahnNMASC@aol.com

    See you in Las Cruces at the beautiful Centennial HS – Lights! Camera! Leadership!

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