Getting Through State Testing and Staying Motivated for the End of the School Year

State Testing had begun across the Land of Enchantment. Thus, beginning a stressful time for staff and students alike. This time also begins the end for our seniors high school careers, as they begin the next chapter in life.

  • How do you or your school help staff and students relieve stress this time of year?
  • How does your school celebrate the end of the school year, specifically for your senior class?
  • How do you keep your senate motivated through the end of the school year?

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2 thoughts on “Getting Through State Testing and Staying Motivated for the End of the School Year

  1. Lead Nice: It’s What You Do
    Adapted from Joe Fenbert, Association of Washington Student Leaders, Program Director
    To teach students how to create a culture where students want to come to school instead of have to come to school, we focused on the S3 Skills: Smile, Shake and Share.
     Smile is the idea that student leaders have the responsibility of displaying a kind and caring attitude each day.
     Shake (fist bumps, handshakes, high fives) is a metaphor for the concept that student leaders need to connect with all people in the school, both staff and students, and most importantly, greet people with their names.
     Share is the deepest level of the concept. It encourages students to build positive relationships with others by being vulnerable, open and willing to create conversations with people different from themselves. (As Mike Smith said in his 2017 state conference keynote – everyone has their story. Take time to hear it.)
    Schools are in the business of closing gaps so all students can experience academic and social success. The job of a student leadership team is to help a school achieve this noble goal. The better student leaders are at teamwork, the more activities they can plan and organize; the more activities they can plan and organize, the better chance they have of helping others. Through practicing teamwork skills, students understand that planning the right activity at the right time for the right reasons takes hard work, dedication, intelligence and compassion. In summary, they learn that the better they treat each other through communication and cooperation, the better they can serve their schools.
    We teach students that they can be partners with their principals. One of the primary roles of a principal is to ensure the physical safety of all students; we tell student leaders that they have a primary role in ensuring the social and emotional safety of all students as they know who is being bullied, excluded or ignored. They are the ones in the hallways each and every day and in cyber space each and every night.
    Why we should all make an effort to Lead Nice. Relationships make the world go around, and when these relationships are based on dignity, respect and positivity, the world rotates with a little less wobble.

    Perhaps this could be a leadership activity that your councils could practice during this crazy month of testing (for staff and students). hopefully it catches on, becoming a climate change on your campus.

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