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Welcome Back From Winter Break!

Welcome back! It’s the end of a very needed winter break and the beginning of the last semester of the school year, and the last for our graduating seniors!

Here are a few things to get your students ready and motivated:

•new year, clean slate
•create new class or personal goals
•make a personal or class vision board for the second semester

Winter Assembly Ideas:
Shark attack: The goal is to have 1 player sitting on a scooter collecting balls with a laundry basket. They can only move by pulling yourself with your arms or being pulled by your partner.

Magic Carpet: 1 person sits on a rug while the second person pulls them around an obstacle.

Blog Response Question:
If you can give one piece of advice for preparation for State Conference, what would it be?

Important dates:
January 20th- Deadline to submit student delegates’ names

February 1st-  NMAA eligibility list sent by you directly to NMAA