Meet Juan Bendaña

Juan BendanaJuan Bendaña is on a mission to help students live epic lives through making better decisions and discovering their leadership abilities. Through his message of engagement and action, Juan creates an environment that makes both students and staff feel inspired, influential, and engaged. Juan gets students excited about engaging with their schools and communities. He uses storytelling, humor, and LIVE DJ-ing to highlight a message of Engagement, Leadership and Decision Making that resonates with every audience member. Every year, Juan Keynotes annual conferences, orientation events, and student assemblies that bring him to over 50 cities across Canada and the United States. Juan brings new energy to school campuses and conferences. His message has a lasting impact that sticks with students far beyond the speech. He is a former snowboard instructor, sushi expert, and can recite every word of The Lion King.

NMASC’s 2020 and 2021 State Officer teams attended a leadership summit where they were engaged with Juan. They were instrumental in bringing Juan to NM; Juan is
NMASC state officer approved!

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