Warm-ups, sometimes called energizers or icebreakers, are short songs or chants that get your group fired up and ready to go!

This exchange is a place for you to find warm-ups that you can teach your council. Submit videos of your council members performing your favorite warm-ups to share with other councils across New Mexico.  If your school’s network blocks YouTube, you may need to view this page at home or on a different network.

Thank you and we can’t wait to see your videos!

Send us the link to your warm-up video here

Alive, Awake, Enthusiastic!
Feeling… Fantastic, Terrific, Great!
Down to the River
Da Moose
Hey, Burrito!
There Was a Tree!

If you are looking for the “cutest little warm-up…that you ever did see,” then here it is!  It is a simple call and repeat warm-up that has some basic movements that are easy to follow.  The speed increases over time as does how much is said each round.

Wake Up! Get Up! It’s Time to Lead!

This is a great warm-up to get students up and moving.  This group of students added a twist by having students hide in the space and slowly add themselves to the group.  This could be a fun way for officers or committee chairs to lead a warm-up.